The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is also known as the coat hanger was officially opened in 1932 on March 19 by the premier at the time, Jack Lang. The Sydney Harbour Bridge took 6 years to construct.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge – Made from 6 million rivets

Even though the Sydney Harbour Bridge is made of a common material known as steel, an interesting fact is that it contains 6 million rivets which were driven in by hand. Being made by steel, the Sydney Harbour Bridge requires painting regularly, and has a surface area of around 60 sports fields. You will notice as you drive across the Sydney Harbour Bridge that it has huge hinges so that it can expand when it hit with the hot Sydney Sun. They are on either side of the bridge right at the footings of the bridge pylons. You can also see these huge hinges by visiting the South Eastern pylon. You will have to walk to get there and there are 200 steps to get to the top, so don’t try and do this with any elderly relatives.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in all its glory

The Official Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The official opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was in 1932 on Saturday, 19 March. It was a very momentous occasion drawing in very large crowds to the city and around the Sydney Harbour foreshore.  it is estimated that up to 1 million people came to watch the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which was declared open by the then current New South Wales Premier, the Hon. John T.  Lang.

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6 thoughts on “The Sydney Harbour Bridge

  1. Julie

    I can’t imagine what it would have been like back in that era when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built! I bet they didn’t think it was going to be the icon that it is today!

  2. David

    There is nothing like the sydney harbour bridge, especially on NYE! Especially for tourists, I recommend coming to Sydney for the NYE celebrations and catching a spot on the heads along the bay. Grab a picnic hamper, some white wine or Champers and kick back and watch the fireworks! Love Sydney, Oy Oy OY.

  3. Unifor

    The Sydney Harbour Bridge just hit its 80th birthday this week (March 19, 2012). Felt good to run home over it to celebrate the achievement.

  4. Sonja Wilson

    I would like to enquire how and where I can apply to take my family to have breakfast on Sydney Harbour Bridge. 2012. What is the cost involved and the date, if we are lucky enough to be able to get tickets.
    Many thanks

  5. Sandra

    When will the sydney harbour bridge next be closed so public can walk over it during celebrations? (eg the 75th anniversary)

  6. Katie

    Interesting post about the history of Sydney Harbour Bridge. I’m hoping to climb it on my holiday next year – definitely a must when visiting Sydney!

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